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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Kohli makes a daring statement

A noisy, excited cheer resounded around Edgbaston as James Anderson kept running into a bowl to Virat Kohli out of the blue on Thursday. 

This was a challenge that had been anticipated and developed for a long time, one charged as a trial of Kohli's determination, an indicator of India's odds in England. This was a fight, just, that an entire arrangement had been refined down to. Kohli lost and afterward won; Anderson won and after that lost; at last India hurled a gigantic murmur of help. 

There are days when Test cricket consumes gradually, stews tenderly, and takes its own, sweet time in the sun to gain ground. At that point, there are days like this: of capturing, persistent, serious show. 

Grasping challenge 

Anderson had the measure of Kohli for huge parts of the second day of the principal Test — disturbing him, prodding him, testing his understanding, finding the edge — at the end of the day couldn't oust him. Rather, it was Kohli who flourished, sticking around for his opportunity, splashing up all the pressure, and benefitting as much as possible from two dropped opportunities to deliver a wonderful, dirty 149. 

His century hauled India to 274, just 13 behind England's first-innings score. The home side had a couple of dubious overs to overcome before the end of the play and on came R. Ashwin, to create a duplicate of the conveyance that had guaranteed Alastair Cook in the primary innings. 

At stumps, England was nine for one, as Kohli strolled off pumping his clench hand. 

At one phase, however, the possibility of India completing the day in the authority appeared to be remote. Except for the skipper, this was yet another poor batting execution, an urgent battle against the moving ball. Shikhar Dhawan looked uneasy while K.L. Rahul tumbled to a terrible shot as Sam Curran tore out the main three with his left-arm swing. India made it to lunch bewildered, having lost three for nine in the space of 14 balls. 

There was more regrettable to come after the interim when Ben Stokes thundered in from the Pavilion End. Ajinkya Rahane edged him to fourth slip attempting to haul out of a given 30 minutes into the session. Dinesh Karthik was played neck and harvest for a duck not long after. 

At the opposite end, Anderson soldiered on, knocking down some pins for all intents and purposes constant. He sent down 15 of the initial 16 overs of the innings from the City End, frantically looking for a wicket. 

Kohli did his best not to be baited into apathetic shots but rather it was as yet insufficient: he edged Anderson behind a couple of times: a few times the ball missed the mark; on the last event, it conveyed to second slip, where Dawid Malan shelled the most straightforward of possibilities. Kohli was on 21 at that point, a score he would stay on for 26 conveyances. 

Fortunate escape 

Next ball, from the opposite end, Stokes drew an edge from Hardik Pandya, yet Cook put the offering down at first slip. At 100 for five, India was posting perilously. When the tea interim came around, Kohli had confronted 43 conveyances of Anderson's, overseeing just six keeps running off two scoring shots. 

After the break, Kohli was dropped once more, off Stokes on 51. It was a troublesome possibility yet Malan was the offender once more. Anderson knocked down some pins Ashwin and looked to the sky, some reward for his endeavors finally. 

In any case, Kohli continued. He included 35 keeps running for the ninth wicket with Ishant Sharma, and 57 for the tenth with Umesh. He controlled Stokes through the third man to raise his hundred, and after that lashed a worn out English assault. 

Britain versus India, first test, Day two 

Britain — first Innings: Alastair Cook b Ashwin 13 (28b, 2x4), Keaton Jennings b Shami 42 (98b, 4x4), Joe Root run out 80 (156b, 9x4), Dawid Malan lbw b Shami 8 (14b, 1x4), Jonny Bairstow b Umesh 70 (88b, 9x4), Ben Stokes c and b Ashwin 21 (41b, 2x4), Jos Buttler lbw b Ashwin 0 (2b), Sam Curran c Karthik b Shami 24 (71b, 3x4), Adil Rashid lbw b Ishant 13 (18b, 2x4), Stuart Broad lbw b Ashwin 1 (7b), James Anderson (not out) 2 (15b); Extras (b-9, lb-4): 13; Total (in 89.4 overs): 287. 

Fall of wickets: 1-26 (Cook, 8.5 overs), 2-98 (Jennings, 35.1), 3-112 (Malan, 39.3), 4-216 (Root, 62.3), 5-223 (Bairstow, 65.6), 6-224 (Buttler, 66.4), 7-243 (Stokes, 74.1), 8-278 (Rashid, 83.1), 9-283 (Broad, 84.2). 

India knocking down some pins: Umesh 17-2-56-1, Ishant 17-1-46-1, Ashwin 26-7-62-4, Shami 19.4-2-64-3, Pandya 10-1-46-0. 

India — first Innings: M. Vijay lbw b Curran 20 (45b, 4x4), Shikhar Dhawan c Malan b Curran 26 (46b, 3x4), K.L. Rahul b Curran 4 (2b, 1x4), Virat Kohli c Broad b Rashid 149 (225b, 22x4, 1x6), Ajinkya Rahane c Jennings b Stokes 15 (34b, 1x4), Dinesh Karthik b Stokes 0 (4b), Hardik Pandya lbw b Curran 22 (52b, 3x4), R. Ashwin b Anderson 10 (15b, 3x4), Mohammed Shami c Malan b Anderson 2 (4b); Ishant Sharma lbw b Rashid 5 (17b), Umesh Yadav (not out) 1 (16b); Extras (b-4, lb-11, nb-4, w-1): 20; Total (in 76 overs): 274. 

Fall of wickets: 1-50 (Vijay, 13.4), 2-54 (Rahul, 13.6), 3-59 (Dhawan, 15.5), 4-100 (Rahane, 27.4), 5-100 (Karthik, 29.2), 6-148 (Pandya, 45.6), 7-169 (Ashwin, 50.3), 8-182 (Shami, 54.1), 9-217 (Ishant, 63.4). 

Britain knocking down some pins: Anderson 22-7-41-2, Broad 10-2-40-0, Curran 17-1-74-4, Rashid 8-0-31-2, Stokes 19-4-73-2. 

Britain — second innings: A. Cook b Ashwin 0 (14b), Keaton Jennings (batting) 5 (8b, 1x4); Extras (b-4): 4; Total (for one wkt. in 3.4 overs): 9. 

Fall of wicket: 1-9 (Cook, 3.4). 

India knocking down some pins: Shami 2-2-0-0, Ashwin 1.4-0-5-1.

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