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Monday, February 11, 2019

CAG reports regarding Rafale deal to be postponed in Lok Sabha today

In the midst of new disclosures that enemy of debasement conditions in the Rafale manage France were postponed by the administration,

National NEWS : official sources have said the review report of the Comptroller and Auditor-General (CAG) is probably going to be postponed in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. 

Tuesday will be the penultimate day of the present Budget session, which is the last before the Lok Sabha decision due in April.However, authorities said the CAG which went into the €7.87-billion between legislative assention (IGA) with France won't dive into the estimating subtleties, which have been retained by the administration refering to a data security understanding between the two nations. 

Restriction parties have likewise scrutinized the unbiasedness of the current CAG, Rajiv Mehrshi, in the review, as he was an authority in the Finance Ministry amid the Rafale exchanges. The Finance Ministry on Monday issued an explanation that such an allegation was "absolutely an illusion of creative ability and stretch of actualities". 

it is relevant to bring up here that it is the Department of Expenditure of the Finance Ministry which manages monetary authorizations identifying with every one of the Ministries of the Government of India and, in that limit, any records identifying with barrier obtainment would be managed by the Secretary, Department of Expenditure, and not by Shri Rajiv Mehrishi as Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs," the Finance Ministry explanation said. 

To guarantee that Secretary (Economic Affairs)… would have managed the use recommendations from the Ministry of Defense is absolutely a fantasy of creative energy and stretch of realities," the announcement included. 

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